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What is in your bag?

Cold and flu season are upon us. This is the time of year we feel confined to our homes and find less reasons to go out. It is also the time of year nasty little bugs fill the air with runny noses, coughs and sore throats, along with seasonal depression peeking its ugly head. Making the fall and winter months harder on some more than others. It is so important that we add a little more self care into our routine this time of year. Self care can mean several things, a cup of hot tea by the fire, reading a good book or a night out with friends. We all love preparing for the holidays, a time of being with family and spreading cheer. A time of feeling run down and overwhelmed for all the right reasons. IV hydration can help you keep moving, boosting your immunity and helping you recover. Make sure you are on your list of priorities this season.

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